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We bring it all here for you in order for online shopping should remain hassle-free at the simplest price for our customers. We improve our service all-time for our customer satisfaction.

We’ll always attempt to bring you the simplest deal. We source our products from a spread of direct manufacturer distributes, which enables us to get a much better deal and thus pass it on to our customers.

With a few years selling online, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and have a large staff able to answer any questions and resolve any issues if any arise.

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Our History

deanfly was established in November 2019. The Head office is located at 20624 Lemay St, Canoga Park, CA 91306, United States, and is operated by an automatic online shopping system consisting of seven members. These 7 members always work to enhance our business.

Our Special Features

Enjoy high-quality items for the fewer price

24/7 Customer Support

Get instant assistance whenever you would like it.

Fast Shipping & Returns

Fast & reliable delivery advantage.


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Address: 20624 Lemay St, Canoga Park, CA 91306, United States


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